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Minor car damage repairs

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Smart repair centre in Southend

Damages to your car need to be tended to with care and professional help. Most times, due to improper damage repairs, your car's look deteriorates further. At Dents Accident Repair Centre, John provides vehicle smart repair services, which are a fast, cost-effective and most reliable solution for minor car damages.

Why choose us?

  • Quick and convenient service

  • Professional colour matching

  • Fractional of the conventional cost

  • Only use high quality materials

  • Experienced technicians

  • Delivery and recovery service

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Minor car damage repairs

If you've recently had an accident and need repairs to your car, consider our smart repair services. I provide, fast, effective and affordable services in Southend, Essex.

For minor car damage solutions in Southend, call John on

01702 466 267

At Dents Accident Repair Centre, I suggest vehicle smart repair services based primarily on the damage done to your car. If your car has only a small dent which hasn’t affected the paintwork, we will suggest paintless dent removal. If your paintwork has been damaged, I will suggest you go in for filler and paint re-work.

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